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Tax & Accounting Services

We provide tax and accounting services to small businesses. We seek to help you navigate through regulations, paperwork and planning so you achieve success.

We provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Tax return preparation
  • Estate planning and returns preparation
  • Tax planning and research
  • Sales and use taxes
We will work with you to analyze your current situation and discover areas to increase profitability, improve cash flow and achieve long-term financial stability.


We will prepare your personal tax returns based on information that you provide to us. We will not 

audit or otherwise verify the data you submit, although we may ask you for clarification of some of the

information. It is our responsibility to prepare your tax return correctly according to the law and the

information that you have provided. It is your responsibility to provide us with all the information

required to prepare complete accurate returns. You should retain all the supporting documents and

other data that form the basis of your income and deductions. These may be necessary to prove the

accuracy and completeness of the return. You have the final responsibility for the income tax return

and, therefore, you should review it carefully before you sign it.  


Learn How to Avoid These 6 Common Tax Errors

Knowing how you need to file your taxes depends on your income and filing status, as well as which deductions and credits you can claim. In this free ebook, we share some common errors to avoid.

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