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Personal Taxes

At Settanni Financial in Katonah, we know the value of hard work as well as the burden of taxes. We strive to give you the most of your work through personal taxes. Encompassing both the tax and investment fields allows our team to advise our clients to the fullest to ensure that their earnings are being used efficiently and to their goals. With tax analysis programs and form referencing, we maintain the highest standard in our tax preparation procedures to make the filing process as painless as possible.

Some helpful tips for personal taxes are:

  • Keeping records of donations and expenditures
  • Staying up to date with assets and real estate value
  • Being aware of your earnings

Learn How to Avoid These 6 Common Tax Errors

Knowing how you need to file your taxes depends on your income and filing status, as well as which deductions and credits you can claim. In this free ebook, we share some common errors to avoid.

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