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Estate Planning

If you have loved ones, or a favorite charitable cause, estate planning can be the most important piece of your financial plan. We worked hard and paid taxes our whole lives, why should we see up to half of our life’s savings taken away by the government after death? Effective trust and estate strategies could ensure that our spirit carries on. We have close relationships with estate and tax attorneys in Westchester County and New York City, and often work with family attorneys to create trusts and formulate long term investment strategies. Taking advantage of tax deferral, and tax free benefits, we can greatly reduce the burden placed on families and business post mortem. We can also ensure that your children, grandchildren and favorite charities can enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Some goals to accomplish when estate planning:

  • Create a lifetime income stream for your beneficiaries
  • Secure tax free benefits for your heirs
  • Tax advantage giving through charitable donations.