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Investment Management

“Diversification… is perhaps the only place in economics where you get a free lunch.” Harry Markowitz, Father of Modern Finance

Our investment style can be described as core satellite.  We build out most clients' portfolios with a passive strategy, and leverage our years of experience and research to add funds and stocks into portfolios in sectors that our research indicates will outperform the general market.   We work with a number of asset managers such as Dimensional Fund Advisors, Blackrock, State Street, Invesco and Fidelity.  Our core strategies consist of a mutual fund and an etf strategy.  We are product agnostic, and are looking for the best funds to fit our clients' long term objectives.  

Our philosophy is to make sure our clients are being paid for the risk they take.  We have often found that clients are paying high management fees to advisors; compounded with high mutual fund expenses and mediocre returns.  The results of this stew can be disastrous to long term financial goals.  Our goal is to give every client and prospect a detailed investment analysis so they can understand the risk in their portfolios, the fees they are paying, and the tax consequences involved.