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Social Security Optimization

Retirement doesn’t mean the end of lifetime goals, and through social security optimization, long term goals can be realized. Complicated Social Security legislation and regulation has led to thousands of people forfeiting millions of dollars to the government for money that is rightfully theirs to collect. We examine every aspect of filing and receiving social security benefits to maximize their primary insurance amount. With clients throughout Westchester County, NY, Connecticut and New Jersey, we apply our expertise to help you make the most of your filing. Social security, with the right financial planning can be your greatest post-retirement asset.

Some tips for preparing for optimizing your social security filing experience

  • Set up an online account at
  • Explore spousal benefit options
  • Find out if you are covered by previous employers
  • Cashing in social security isn’t always beneficial at age 62 or 63. There are options, and we seek to ensure clients get as much as they can in their post retirement stage.