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Cemetery Advisory

Our Focus is on the Long Term Success of the Cemeteries.  

At Settanni Financial, we build relationships that last a lifetime so that you can build a legacy that will last for eternity.  We can help the cemetery industry using our knowledge in investment management and financial planning, and our experience working with cemeteries.  Our investment strategy is primarily passive,  but our relationship with the cemeteries is very active.   As the investment manager, we attend monthly board meetings to get a better understanding of each individual cemeteries' operations and goals.  Our passive strategy allows us to potentially lower the cost of the cemetery's investments, increase the odds of success of the investment plan, and spend more time with the board members and managers.

Don Settanni, CPA has been working with cemeteries since 1994 in various roles such as independent auditor, financial advisor, and trustee.

David Settanni, CFA Level III Candidate, has been working with cemeteries since 2012 as an Investment Manager.  David joined the New York State Association of Cemeteries and the Metropolitan Cemetery Association in 2019. 

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